Sculpture, printed-works and drawings by Bole often utilize materials and ideas of geologic origin and processes.  Her work is skewed by her lineage of Victorian leftover culture experienced through her equally decaying hometown of Cleveland. She often creates components of her work at existing or self -organized artist residencies and in various industries.  Recent solo exhibitions include William Busta Gallery: ”Tombs and Toilets” in Cleveland and an ephemeral instillation at CCAD’s Contemporary Art Space in Columbus: “Family White Elephant 1860-“

 In 2014, “Tombs and Toilets” was also exhibited in Los Angeles at the Jose Drudis Art Gallery with a wallpaper piece and catalogue.  Her projects can involve intensive historical research: “Combing Columbus” -Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012- was such a book, the paintings are now owned by the Columbus Museum of Art.  “Purge Incomplete” installed ephemerally at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Philadelphia centered on the prison’s early plumbing history and subsequent updates.  It was supported by artist residencies at Kohler’s Iron foundry and the Pilchuck Glass School (WA).  Recently completed book-works projects are “Family White Elephant 1860-“ and “Toilet Worship”, both hand-wrought small edition pieces published by Logan Elm Press, Columbus. She had previously created five artists book at Knust Press (The Netherlands), Other Industrial settings and residencies where she has made her work include Headlands Art Center (CA), Women’s Studio Workshop (NY), Belden Brick Factory (OH), Dedouch Monument Plaque Company (IL) and KVO Enamel on Steel (CA). She has exhibited work in the United States, Russia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, England and Germany and her work has been collected internationally. She has lectured extensively about her work. she has written for journals such as “Morbid Curiosity” and “Death’s Garden”. She has received numerous grants including six Ohio Arts Council grants, Andy Warhol Foundation Grant (through Women’s Studio Workshop, NY), two Greater Columbus Arts Council Grants, the Coca-Cola Grant (through The Ohio State University Women’s Studies Dept.) and an NEA grant through Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago (IL).