Goodbye Victorians

Good Bye

Good Bye H2O

Nobody Darns Socks Anymore

Toilet Worship, Brass

You Remember

Glass Necklace

50 Turns

So Long

Great Granny's
Mourning Broach

Ossified Alliance

Wilted Flowers: Gilda’s Euphorbia

Wilted Flowers: Winifred’s Lilacs

Study for Dead Flowers

Yesterday's Owl

Granny's Necklace (A Bench)

Odd Luck

My First
Dutch Lesson

Nipped Buds

Signs of

Window for Over Yonder

Tree Of Life
Future Tense

Stuff of Self

Crown Of Thoughts

Cleveland Beach Scene




So Long: Leaching, Fuming

2004–05, pâte de verre, soapstone, 18 x 31 x 2 inches